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Profit Margin Analysis for Retailers


This is a 28-page article based on my quora answer -  What's the Average Profit Margin Earned by Apparel Distributors? Brick & Mortar Retailers? E-Commerce / Online Retailers?. This is a complete re-write of an answer that I wrote in mid-2011 that started to gain significant traction at the end of 2012. The originally version was kinda janky and difficult to read - so I made a ton of graphics that will make learning about this much easier. In this version you will get:

Full Background on All Players: This article is designed to be a standalone article that can be picked up by anyone - I explain what each term, player, or word is, then I give you the background, and finally I explain the context. Anyone with passive familiarity with US retail should be able to pick it up and dive into an in-depth analysis. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give me a shout & I will update the article accordingly to keep everyone on the same page.

Process Flow Diagrams & Cost Flow Diagrams: Every major explain begins with a process flow diagram that visually communicates the steps involved in a particular situation. After we explain what's going on each step will then have numbers associated to it:

Full Support & Updates: Obviously, if you support & purchase a copy - I will answer as many questions as you have until you are blue in the face!

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