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Email Marketing Benchmarks


Email marketing is hands down the channel of online retail marketing that I am most excited about for 2013!  I wrote about it on my Quora - Retail Analytics that you can check out here:  Email Open & Click-Through Analytics from over 80 Billion Emails

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Think of email as the cover to the magazine that used to delivered via the Post - the visual design drives your to open & read... the same thing here!


1.  A Blank Canvas:

The beauty of email is that you have a blank canvas to craft a beautiful message that can envelop a reader into the world that you want to create for them.  Forget the Groupon prostitution of you email that has inundated you with thousands of emails that now just piss you off.  Forget about all the web apps that try & push you to engage with a product you aren't sold on.  I am talking about sites likes like bureau of trade that make email fun & engaging.


2.  Interject your Brand into the Daily Workflow:

Email is a brilliant tool because it enables you push your message into the daily workflow of your readers.  Each email needs to be thought of as a 'shot on goal' - take the time to put some thought and effort into the email, slow and line up your shot, and take a surgical air strike approach to the shot.  If you respect the recipient, they will be engaged and open the email.  If you just abuse them, then they will progressively become disinterested.  Remember - each email pushes your name & brand in front of the customer - if they see it & say "nah! I am not gonna open it" you have started the gradual decline of your brand.  You don't get penalized for not saying anything (they aren't going to proactively navigate to unsubscribe - so make it count).


3.  A Clear Call to Action Guiding User Behavior:

This is the most powerful aspect of email - you get to set your subscribers up for success!  Modern web apps, blogs, and publications are all engaged in an all-out assault on capturing our daily mindshare.  A great email focuses your users and primes them to conduct a specific action (i.e. new answer on Quora to X question).  Email is a great tool to engage and focus the customer when there are hundreds of competing influences - not focusing them dumps them into your app or blog and then they get confused.


Email will be the tool because when you do it right - it's a really valuable experience that you can customize with very little investment in changing the core nature of your application.

This package includes:

  • PPT Version of all the charts used in the presentation
  • Excel Version of all the Email Marketing Benchmarks
  • Image Files for each of the Graphics
  • All Research PDFs that were used in aggregating this information

Thanks for the support & stoked that you like it!

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