Fail Harder

E-Commerce Financial Model for Startups


This guide is an extremely detailed walk through of a bottom up financial model for e-commerce startups that is specifically designed for founders strategizing the launch of their new store or new operations getting off the ground.  This model has been used to raise nearly $11.0 million for e-commerce startups in the last 24 months and is powerful enough to transition into an operational model that has been used to run 3 different e-commerce startups.

This is a battle hardened framework that has been put through the ringer of incubator programs like 500 Startups, through fundraising on Angel List, and to run circles around ‘hotshot’ bankers.  The goal of this guide is to provide detailed background and analysis to establish a foundation, communicate how the model works, and empower you to make customize it for your project.

Fail Harder Financial Model

This product is revised, higher-quality version of one of my favorite Quora Answers: Financial Modeling: Where can web startups learn about financial modeling that accounts for the important metrics and costs?

To get an idea of this model - please check out the Quora posts that outline the bulk of the book:

Part 1:  Introduction
Part 2:  Sales Build
Part 3:  Email Marketing Build
Parts 4 & 5: Social & Paid Search Builds
Part 6: Production & Expense Build

There are updates being made all the time - this post outlines the last major round of updates that I made to the Fail Harder E-Commerce Financial Model & User Guide in Jan '13

What's included in this package:

  • 60 Page PDF Walkthrough for using the model
  • Excel version of the Model
  • gDocs version available upon request
  • Excel Version of the Unit Costing Builds
  • Excel Version of the Conversion Rate Metrics from IBM Coremetrics
  • VÆL Project Catalog PDF
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