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One of the biggest advantages in being an online retailer is the ability to control your demand generation by paying for quality, purchase-focused netizens.  The ability to cost effectively gain control of your demand generation process is a true competitive advantage and a skill that every startup should be progressively building up for each person on the team.  This template serves as a standalone quick analysis tool for founders to run through the exercise of using the Google Keyword Tool and critically analyzing the Google Traffic Estimator.

This Paid Search Forecasting Template allows you to:

  • Integrate 4 Categories of Keywords
  • Estimate KPIs based on estimates provided by Google
  • Toggle CTR progressively over time
  • Adjust Conversion Rate for customization
  • Analyze performance by acquistion costs

There is a full walkthrough on how to use this simple template on Quora, check it out here to answer any questions you may have - Forecasting Paid Search Effectiveness for E-Commerce Startups [ Excel Template Included ]

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70-page fully illustrated user guide for the full Excel version of the financial model. The book and model have been dramatically modified to make it easier to understand and tailor for your use.

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